Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rodian Sculpture Complete!

Hey everyone, so here is my first attempt at sculpting! For a first attempt I don't think it turned out half bad! :D Most importantly I had a blast making it! Again this sculpture was created using super sculpey and then airbrushed and hand painted. The mane/mowhawk section is just toothpicks that I cut, inserted into the head and then airbrushed. The thing I do wish I had spent more time on is the stand. I hurriedly put that together in a few minutes so that I could harden the sculpey and it shows. I will keep that in mind for the next one! :D Hope everyone likes it and hopefully will start on my next one soon! I am going to try to tackle C3Po! :D Enjoy the pictures! :D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rodian Sculpture Update

Hey everyone, here is the final sculpted and baked Rodian head and its stand that I made. I used super sculpey to create it. It was done completely freehand, and no its not supposed to be Greedo lol, I actually used photos of him and pictures of rodians from the new clone wars series as inspiration so its just a nameless Rodian heh. It still needs the mane/mohawk portion which I made holes for before I baked the sculpey and then it will need some trimming up and sanding, then on to painting! The stand was just some random designs that I came up with, seemed to look "Star Warsey" to me, thought it turned out looking kinda cool, especially when im done painting it like I plan to. :D You have to bake sculpey by thickness and since the head is very thick and some of the extremities are not...obviously...lol, some of those extremities got a little overcooked. Really the only downside to that that I have found is that there is some discoloration, but since it's going to be painted that's not a problem. This was my first attempt at free hand sculpting, I think it turned out pretty good for a first attempt, can't wait to start on another! :D Hope you guys like the pictures! :D

Boushh Helmet Update

Hey everyone, here are some latest pics of my boushh helmet that I am working on! :D Used a new technique that I learned about off of Skip's Blog that's being called Rondo. It is an equal part mixture of resin and bondo, and as Skip informed me, since they are both polymer based their hardeners work for both. (aka resin hardener would work for the bondo and vise versa). The result is a much more liquidy and easier to apply bondo type material. The Rondo you see in these pictures was actually just poured over the helmet!!! The result in my opinion makes a much smoother, cleaner, and overall easier to work with product. Hope you guys like the pics! Sorry about the quality, I didn't have my digital camera so I had to use my cell phone, heh.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

300 Spartan Helmet

Hey everyone, this is a helmet from the movie the 300 Spartans. This is Skips newest file, was an easy build, looks cool and fits perfect. :D I decided to make it out of styrene plastic instead of card stock which created a sturdier base. Not sure if I am going to bondo it or not yet, probably will eventually, hope you all like it. :D