Monday, April 27, 2009

Boushh Helmet

Boushh Helmet update, finally lol. Fiberglassed the inside and its looking really good, I have learned from my previous mistakes it seems, lol, and I am really excited about getting this to the point where I can start applying bondo and painting! :D I'm also going to look into seeing if there is a way to make the light effects for the helmets upper visor. I have done a fair amount of messing around with LED's and such so I'm sure I can find some way of making it look cool if not accurate. :D Sorry no pictures yet, was going to take some today but came down with a nasty case of the flu bug, so going to lay low for a day or so. Guess I had too much birthday fun lol.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zam Wesell Blaster

Hey everyone, had some fun making the paper naboo pistol and figured I had learned some lessons and could do a paper weapon better now so I decided to try Zam Wesell's (a bounty hunter from the new star wars movies) pistol. Here is a picture that shows some of what I have been working on. The reference picture I got from google images and scaled it up to approximate size and printed it out. I have been using it to get some basic measurements and as you can see in the middle of the picture I have the pistol's handle and a piece right above it done, well the basic shapes without the grip detail at least. :D On the left you can see I have made a duplicate of uncut pieces so that once I am done I can upload it on here for people to download and try. :D Hope everyone enjoys the pics and should have some updates on my older projects soon. I have been pretty lazy on them but I am just about to go out into the garage and paint coats of resin on my boba fett gauntlets, Boushh helmet and my RC chest armor so wish me luck and cross your fingers lol. Will post some pics of them either tomorrow or when I get home this weekend. My fiance is taking me to Disneyland for my birthday on Friday so no posts then lol, woot! hehe. Hope everyone is doing good and check back soon for hopefully lots of updates heh. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Naboo Blaster...sort of?

Hey everyone, wanted to do something new tonight so I started from scratch with some card stock and made Queen Amidalas blaster, I think it came out pretty good for a "one night throw together", the only parts I couldn't get right was the part right behind the barrel and the part at the very back of the pistol, it was too rounded for paper folding, or for my skills at least lol. Anyways here's a picture of the holdout version from google images and two pictures of the one I made. Not sure anyone would be interested in this but I did make two of everything when I was cutting out pieces so I am going to try to put a template together and post the files up here if anyone would want to give it a go. Probably will need alot of finessing and some trimming to get everything to fit right hehe. Anyways, I had alot of fun with it which is what matters right? lol

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Fun Model

Heyas everyone, heres another fun model I just finished, this ones for my sister lol. She loves Penguins.....alot lol. Hope you all enjoy the pics. :D
Ohh and this is another model from the cannon website, let me know if anyone would like the link to this one also. :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sea Turtle

Heyas everyone, just thought I would post a fun project I did tonight. My mom loves Sea Turtles ever since she first saw them in Hawaii. I found this cool little guy on the cannon website and went ahead and made it for her. :D

Hope everyone enjoys the pics, shoot me an email if anyone would like the link to where they can find this project. :D Hope everyone is doing good and hope to have some updates on a few projects real soon! :D

Desk Addition Done!

Whew, lol for something that I was just trying to throw together roughly and quickly it sure did take me awhile lol. Been pretty busy this week, just glad to have it done and ready to get back to the paper crafts. :D The portion I built is the black addition sitting on top of the desk that is already there. I just made it out of fiberboard and used a thinner piece for the back and the paper holder shelves on the right. As I just said, I made a compartment on the right that I can put the uncut and non folded/glued pieces of projects/paper on the 4 shelfs. I have a section to store all my paper behind those shelves as well as some space up front for additional storage. I decided towards the end to go ahead and add the cubbie type space on the left to store my exacto knife and blades as well as various other junk lol. Loving it so far, I have my computer at eye level now, a new lamp with magnifying glass for small projects, really looking forward to putting it to use! Not the greatest built project or best looking, but its very sturdy and very functional which is what I was looking for. :D Hope everyone enjoys checking out the pics. :D

Update on Sulpture

Hey everyone, haven't really done much of anything on this but figured I would post what I have done! :D I went ahead and made a wire frame to mold the clay onto and have started on the feet some, its just a rough first attempt remember lol, feel free to critique and criticize as well as any advice, which is always much appreciated! heh :D Here is the original post if anyone would like to check that out as well. :D Enjoy the pictures :D

Friday, April 10, 2009

Papercraft models :D

Hey everyone! :D Since it might be a few days until I post any new progress on my projects I figured I would post some of the fun paper craft and pepakura models that I have made. The three models that are show are: Boba Fett in sort of a Lego look, a mini uzi with removable clip and silencer, and lastly a Predator drone complete with missiles. :D Hope everyone enjoys checking these out and if anyone would like to know where to download these files, just shoot me an email at the address on my blog and I'll send you the info. :D

The Dented Helmet and I

Hey everyone! :D No new updates on projects yet because I have been building an addition to my desk so that I can more easily store and work on my projects. :D Will post some pictures of it once I'm done.

Not sure why I hadn't done this sooner but finally after using its information and seeing all of the cool people and posts on it I am finally a member of The Dented Helmet! :D yaaaaay hehe. Anyways though, if anyone is a member or uses the website look for me on there, my name is joesprops, go ahead and drop me a line too, I have a new members post up right now introducing myself to everyone. :) Hope everyone is having a great Easter Week :D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Halo: Master Chief Chest Piece

Hey everyone, thought i would post my progress on my Master Chief chest piece, so far I just finished the pepakura....for the third time lol, on the chest piece size tester. This is a simplified version intended to be used to figure out the correct size for the wearer's body. Finally got it right the third time heh. Probably going to go ahead and fiberglass this one to have as a backup or something. Gonna get started on the more detailed final chest piece hopefully tommorow. Hope everyone enjoys checking it out! :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boba Fett Gauntlets

Hey everyone, here is another awsome set of files from skip via the dented helmet website. These are Boba Fett's gauntlets, just about to put the first coats of resin on them. :D

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Halo 3 Flame Grenade Finished

Hey everyone finally got the Flame Grenade finished, here are some pics hope everyone likes it. :D Enjoy the pics! :D (The in-game picture is the property of and was obtained through google images)

Yay! New Project! :D

Heyas everyone, here are some pics of my newest project I am working on. This is Skip's (check out his link on the right) newest creation the republic commando armor. This is just the torso/chest piece and its still got alot of work left on it but since I got a good portion of the body finished I figured I would post some pics of it on me and how it fits so far. As you can see from the side shot I will have to add a piece of cardstock on the side to make it fit, but other than that it feels perfect. :D Hope you guys enjoy the pics and hopefully will be posting more soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Updates on Projects

Well, lol, I have a ton of projects going on right now but they are all being dropped for one, Skip's new republic commando armor is out! :D I have been waiting for this for awhile now and it looks amazing, I started cutting out the pieces for the torso last night and hope to get it assembled tonight /crosses fingers heh. Will definately post some pictures once I have at least a good portion of it put together.
Other projects that I am still working on but have been put on pause for the commando armor: boba fett gauntlets (also a creation of skip from the dented helmet forums) which I have the pepakura all done on. I have Started to skulpt my Droid some, which is proving to be alot harder than it looks lol, I finished up my Halo 3 Flame Grenade and Have started working on Master Chiefs armor, all of which I will post pics of over the next few days. :D Ohh and not to be forgotten I still have boba fett's jetpack and the Halo sniper rifle that I am working on as well, just haven't had any progress on them since their last posts. Hope everyone is having a great day and hope to show you all of the cool stuff I have been working on soon. :D